ABA ROLI Team Meets with Ambassador of the African Union

Sebastian Abuja (far left), Betelhem Arega, Mary Greer, Alberto J. Mora, Namira Negm, and Paulette Brown (far right) after their meeting in the ABA Washington, D.C. office.
On April 8, 2019, members of the ABA ROLI team held a meeting with Ambassador, Dr. Namira Negm, Legal Counsel of the African Union (AU), and their colleague, Betelhem Arega, Office of the Legal Counsel.

In attendance at the meeting were: ABA ROLI Executive Director, Alberto Mora, Chairperson of the ABA Africa Council and former President of the ABA, Paulette Brown, Senior Criminal Law Advisor, Mary Greer, and the Africa Division Director, Sebastián Albuja.
Mora shares insight alongside Brown and Abuja at the meeting.
During the meeting, they discussed a strategic plan to strengthen the capacity of AU staff in a variety of law-related areas, including legal drafting.

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