Supporting Lead-free Kids with ABA ROLI in 2018!

Dear Rule of Law Friend,

As we celebrate the new year with resolutions for personal growth and health, we at ABA ROLI are mindful of global health challenges like the prevalence of lead-based paint around the world and the difference that law and lawyers can make. Though we know the health risks of lead paint, two-thirds of countries lack laws regulating its use. With your support, ABA ROLI aims to tackle this problem in 2018.

As detailed in this recent piece by ABA ROLI Director of Global Environmental Programming Jay Monteverde, the science is clear: lead exposure causes severe health and developmental harm, and lead-based paint is the primary pathway to exposure. That’s why the ABA House of Delegates adopted a resolution in August 2017, calling on the legal profession to join in the global effort to ban lead paint, and ABA ROLI has launched a campaign to promote a lead paint regulatory and legal framework for developing countries. Jay started this work recently in Jamaica and the wider Caribbean, and, building on ABA ROLI's worldwide network, we are looking to take the effort global in early 2018. 

This is but one of many exciting new initiatives we have to bring the rule of law home to people around the world in 2018. Unfortunately, commitment to advance the rule of law is waning among ABA ROLI's traditional donors, and this is why your help is so critical this year. Your tax-deductible contribution of $50, $100, or $200 will help ABA ROLI work toward a lead-free future and many other rule of law goals.
Thank you and Happy New Year,

Elizabeth Andersen
Director, ABA Rule of Law Initiative