ILAC’s Continuing Efforts to Strengthen the Rule of Law in Guatemala

In an effort to support the rule of law in Guatemala at this critical time, the International Legal Assistance Consortium (ILAC) successfully wrapped up an ongoing assessment effort to identify challenges facing the Guatemalan justice sector, on Friday, October 20. The American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative’s (ABA ROLI) Nerea Aparicio, director of Latin America and the Caribbean Division, was among the eight experts called to assess the independence and the role of the justice sector in relation to land conflicts, criminalization of protest, discrimination and violence against women, as well as the legacy of the conflict and the link to accountability for contemporary human rights violations. ILAC’s mission is to work with governments, civil society and other stakeholders in post-conflict settings and provide expert guidance on how to rebuild reliable justice systems. The assessment report will be released in early 2018.